Hair Transplant History

The hair transplant surgery  technique dates back to the time when it was considered as a fairly tale for getting a natural implantation of hair. Since it has been evolved in the early 1950’s when it was such a raw concept, but in today’s date, it’s a fast moving, reliable and effective procedure gaining immense familiarity by all.

Hair transplantation has been enduring a long way during its evolvement; considered as a wig of artificial hair now effectively transformed into natural hair transplant via follicular unit procedure, that looks so natural that even its undetectable by the hairstylist.

Evolvement of hair transplant:

The superstitions, intuitions, fairy tales etc are being greatly replaced by the evolvement of science, science has played its role in transforming the beliefs of people into practical implementations being reality based, and no chance of superstition is left out there. It has educated the man for adapting various modernized techniques that makes him think in the right direction, towards a goal oriented, problem solving solution.

In the year 1939, Dr. Okuda, a famous Japanese dermatologist extracted the valuable findings from his research and published the essence of findings from his research work into a Japanese medical journal. He utilized the process of drafting small grafts that is very similar to the actual way that is being undertaken of performing the hair transplant surgery.

The hair transplantation method was considered effective but difficult to administer at that time. The actual method involved for conducting the transplant included grafting of hair transplant on areas that were losing hair. But on an unfortunate note, the study was interrupted in the middle of it and couldn’t gain recognition due to World War II.

Regeneration of Hair Restoration:

Due to the interruption caused by World War II, the idea and even the practice couldn’t be carried forward for further research and couldn’t be subjected to practical implementation but then later In the late 50’s, Dr. Norman Orentreich a young physician, mustered up courage and started experimenting with the same idea of transplanting or relocating hair to the balding areas on the back and sides of the head.

He ultimately devised a better accepted technique the principle being that when the hair are taken from the areas that are defined for regeneration, if they are transplanted to the areas that are losing hair, their regeneration capability is not interrupted and they will grow the same way, they were growing lately.

This has actually become the leading concept of successful hair transplantation, today.



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