Presently How Many Techniques are Available for Hair Transplant?

Hairs are precious. No one wants to lose them. But as we age, we lose our hair and along with that we lose our good looks. It is really amazing how our hair can change our look. We cannot fight the course of the nature but we can take measures of our own.

You can take a good hair loss treatment and get your hair back. Do not worry it is not risky at all, plus you have a lot of choice. Right now, there are four types of Hair Transplant techniques. Let us take a look at them one at a time.

Mini Micrografting

It is very much like the FUE method. In this process you will undergo a surgery in which your doctor will use the multi blade knife (common with these procedures); he will cut very thin strips of tissues from your scalp. These strips are cut into smaller sections. This process will be done under the naked eye, and your surgeon will be guessing the size of these tissues. Your surgery will be quick and you will not need many sessions. The staff will be small and it is cheaper than the rest of the procedures. But you will take your time to heal.


FUE is most commonly known as Follicular Unit Extraction. This is one of the best hair restoration techniques. The good thing about this technique is that you will not need any incision at all. During this procedure your follicles are harvest from your own donor area, the doctor will use a puck to take your tissue and you will have only a very small mark. The punch will take a circle out of your head and use it on your bald patches.

Strip Incision

Now this one here is the conventional hair transplant technique. It is pretty much the same, your doctor is going to take for a surgery and he will cut out a strip of tissue from your donor area. Then the doctor will take out the hair follicles from that strip and plant it the bald patch. The good thing about this is that you will not have any scars on your head, even small ones. Your hair strip will be taken away under the eye of a microscope. Your doctor will dissect the hair then add them to your bald area.


FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant is another very famous procedure. In this procedure your bald patch will receive a full hair patch from your donor area. Your scalp will be numbed and you will have your head under the microscope. Your doctor will take a patch out of your head with the help of microscope. Then the doctor will dissect that one particular strip into many. You will then have small holes in your head and your follicles will be then inserted into them. If you are going to go for this particular type of procedure then make sure that your doctor has a lot of experience in this surgery.


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