Dr Sajjad Khan Is Pioneer of Total Single Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant procedures have evolved a lot generally and most of its evolution took place in the last decade specifically. There is no as such reason that can be attributed for this evolution. The subtle yet constant innovation and advancement in hair transplant techniques can be due to the increasing trust of people in the surgery as a whole.

The relentless hair transplant surgeons have been applying these various techniques all around the world and constantly they are involved in the betterment of hair transplant procedures.

Major changes that came in the last ten years include the introduction of FUE transplant methods. Earlier used strip method was the best in its time but it had some drawbacks like scarring in the donor area and loss of precious hair grafts. Moreover this technique was unable to uniformly divide the hair follicles in the bald region. This inhibition didn’t allow the surgeons to give their patients what they needed and hence strips were used to cover up bald spots. Patients were not really happy with it as well because it didn’t allow them to get hairline of their choice.
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