What are the post-operation steps after hair transplant surgery?

As you know that hair restoration process is a minor surgical procedure which is performed on an outpatient basis under the supervision of highly expert hair transplant surgeon.

Today’s hair transplant surgery owes its success to the fact that the implanted hair follicles (roots moved from their original position to another area of scalp) work in the same way as they did in their original site. For example, even in the majority advanced cases of male pattern baldness, a horseshoe-shaped fringe of hair perseveres for this process. Hair follicles shifted from this hairy fringe to the bald area of the patient, where these hair follicles will take root and grow. But for this process, you have to follow some post-operations steps in order to get superior results.

It is highly suggested that patients who are undergoing hair transplant surgery must avoid doing heavy exercise for one to two weeks after the surgery. The patients may wear loose hats directly after their hair transplant process, but hard hats are not suggested for two weeks. The newly implanted hair is fragile and needs to be kept safe, as there is always the chance of the new hair follicles being ripped out due to unnecessary damage. However, after the stitches have been removed, you can restart all your normal activity.

It is important that the patient’s scalp may be gently shampooed from the third day after surgery. Direct stimulation of the scalp assists to keep the blood flowing, which in turn, it helps to motivate and assists in the new hair growth.


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