What are the white specks and if they appear on the scalp after hair transplant surgery than what to do?

Scalp is a very sensitive part after hair transplantation and the patient should have protected their scalp for any contagious bacteria and germ. After the day of the hair transplant procedure, many patients’ reports to see white specks or white bumps that appears on the scalp. Sometime these white specks appear after one week. These white specks look like a sluggish layer of hard dandruff. This thing is very scary for the patient who wants to get the excellent outcomes from hair transplant surgery. But if they appear so you don’t have to anxious about it because it is normal for the dead grafts to be a little more prominent and you should expect them to flatten as they cure at the passage of time.

These white specks are normally seen after washing the newly transplanted area of the scalp.  The dandruff crusts connect to dead tissue that was part of your hair grafts and after hair wash the dandruff and dead tissues absorb water and soap and look whitish. The after effect may be exaggerated during the shower because they become hydrated, and they form a hard layer of whitish crust, but, these are not very dangerous and permanent problem. If you see any sign of white speck you should immediately discuss with your hair transplant surgeon as soon as possible. He will give you some useful medication to get rid of this problem.


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