How will the patient decide where the new hairline should start?

The hair follicular unit placement and quality of the hairline decide by the mutual understanding of a surgeon and patient. If the patient will satisfy with the imaginary hairline, he will immediately give his feedback to the hair transplant surgeon. The surgeon will make the location finalized and start placing grafts on the scalp. Only an expert surgeon will provide a detailed clarification about the principles of good hairline placement with regard to the patient’s facial features. Well-established and an excellent draw hairline provides only as a foundation for transplants.

The surgeon should avoid placing the hairline too low because low and deep hairline looks unnatural and fake. The patient’s hairline should match with his age to look more natural so, an age appropriate hairline can still be looking good by sustaining a natural shape of the hair. Leave 8cm above the eyebrows and use the after line as a starting point and the surgeon also changes that measurement to support the individual facial features and looks.

The vital and crucial qualities of a natural hairline contain an effortless transition from forehead skin to the patient’s hair. The surgeon should always focus many lower density single hair follicular units at the hairline and create a good gradual transition hairline. He should first understand the hairline placement, direction of hair growth, follicular unit density and the dynamics of hair growth because these features are very important to achieving a perfect hairline and successful hair transplant. After that, he should guide the patient so, that he will determine the hairline with the help of his surgeon.


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