Why spironolactone medication is not commonly recommended to the hair loss patients beside hair transplant surgery?

In the hair loss drug category, the Spironolactone is a hard and strong medication and due to its complex chemical composition, it is not commonly suggested to the male hair loss patients by the hair transplant surgeon. The two main reasons are given below:

1). The drug’s basic properties as a diuretic (“water pill”) medicine. The Spironolactone (Aldactone) drug causes major reductions in human blood pressure, low level of glucose, high potassium levels (hyperkalemia) and dehydration issues. It is not for low blood pressure patient. For all those patients, who don’t want to lower the blood pressure rte or any significant reduction in the body fluid, don’t use this pill because it has these major negative adverse effects. These adverse effects are lessened only when start to use any good-quality topical treatment after surgery. However, try to discuss with your doctor, when he is prescribing you hair growth drugs after hair transplantation.

2). The second main reason is that the Spironolactone drug has anti-androgen properties. This drug may halt the severe androgenic alopecia progression at the scalp, but at the same time it also obstructs the natural androgen hormone activity in all over the body in male. This means that the drug will halt the hair loss process and possibly reverse the natural hair, but it may also reason of develop some other “feminizing” effects in male patients like fat re-distribution, loss of body hair, and breast development. So that it is not for male patients. Try to use only those medicines, which has been proven it’s affectivity through clinical tests.


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