Testosterone Hormone Replacement method cause the hair loss issue after hair transplant surgery?

Keep this thing in mind that the implanted hair follicles should not be negatively affected by the therapy, so don’t worry about the negative impacts after the THR therapy. You can have this therapy after the hair transplantation surgery. The implanted hair follicles are highly opposed to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone, this DHT is liable for the male pattern condition of hair loss issue, but it should not influence on the hair if the sensible amount of testosterone increases.

The second most important thing is that the natural hair follicles are highly susceptible to DHT hormones; it means the non-transplanted hair follicles could possibly shed more hair with the increased testosterone hormone levels. But, it is not necessary because this unpleasant condition depends upon person’s history and genetic changes.

If you suffer the intense hair loss issue, then there are numerous high-quality hair loss medications that have been proven its effectiveness and should completely protect your natural hair against this shedding trouble, and enhances in testosterone level won’t necessarily cause severe hair loss. The most authentic and reliable medicine that can be effective in this condition is finasteride.

The next option would be minoxidil, however, this drug doesn’t have high hormone blocking result, but it will possibly decrease the shedding rate. Now many patients ask that HRT supposedly increase loss of hormone-susceptible natural hair follicles? So, the answer is that it isn’t been proven yet, but it could be possible. The majority of the hair specialist and surgeons would probably suggest high-quality medicines like finasteride and minoxidil for protecting against the higher hormone levels. You can ask your doctor that is hair transplant permanent after testosterone hormonal replacement therapy. He can explain you better with the examples.


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