Alopecia Areata is the major reason of hair loss

Many women ask that it is possible for a woman to get hair transplant surgery just like men? Although nearly all hair loss treatments target especially male pattern baldness, but don’t worry hair transplant surgeries are also performed on women’s scalp.
There are so many scam treatment of hair loss and that’s why many women had spent thousands of dollars on useless hair loss topical creams, different hormone therapies, and eventually fake hair wigs. Stop using all these crap hair loss products because they are non effective and waste of money and time.
Eventually, a hair loss transplant is the only everlasting technique to restore a full head of hair naturally. But women hair transplant is different from male hair transplant procedure and you should consider micro-grafts hair transplant surgery technique, which is consisting of up to four donor’s hair, also referred to as follicle units grafting method. Only an experienced surgeon can inform you how many hair grafts are required to achieve your targets and the general look you want.

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2 thoughts on “Alopecia Areata is the major reason of hair loss

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