Kristen Stewart captured in blonder hair

Famous American actress Kristen Stewart has dyed her hair into platinum blonde. An unexpected change in hair color of 26 years old actress was spotted at LAX airport couple of days ago. She celebrated her 26th birthday over the weekend. At LAX airport, she was casually dressed and looking like a Rock star. Perhaps this was the best birthday celebration ever with the classic hair transformation.

The ‘Twilight’ star had dyed her hair in bold orange shade back in 2014. The actress doesn’t usually dares for beauty tricks and she has stayed in the same pretty track in her entire film-life but this is really a big change. Everyone stunned when at Lax, she was spotted with newly bright bleached hair.

The bright shade of blonde attracted press when she came hand-in-hand with her girlfriend Soko Sokolinski. She was wearing beanie hat, so much of her hair were hidden but still bright blonde was visible, with her pared-down makeup and ultra-casual dressing, white t-shirt, leather jacket and denim.

Naturally she had lighter hair at time of her birth and it seems that now she is going for her first bold and bright way. Born into a film-oriented family, Kristen entered into the film industry in 2002 when she was only 12 years and debuted in thriller Panic Room. She grew in a stunning lady famous for her smoky eyes and acted in several movies.

Beautiful actress have dyed hair many times, in sun-kissed streaks and fiery orange bobs but this was the shocking color transformation came from her side. How do you feel about her new look? Comment below to share your feelings.

Kristen Stewart


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