Homemade hair treatment results in better growth

Healthy scalp is the only source of producing naturally thick, shiny and lively hair. If you have healthy scalp then growth of hair will be enormous and give hundred percent results. Cleaning scalp or even keeping scalp clean is a difficult task due to heavy loads of hair. It is highly difficult to clean scalp underneath bunches of hair, but leaving it as it is would result in to bad health hair, severe hair loss, permanent hair loss, baldness, skin infection and many more.

It is highly important to put especial efforts for keeping scalp healthy and clean. Naturally the scalp skin has natural skin cells that have capacity to fight with germs and fugal elements. But depending on lifestyle now days no one can rely on these natural fighters of scalp. There are many hair products that claim to be best scalp cleaner but they either are fake or so much expensive that not every girl can buy them. There should be some home remedies that can help us in keeping hair health strong by cleaning scalp.

There are many home remedies that can be applied to cleanse head surface. But below mentioned three steps can cure all hair problems one is suffering from. You can clean your scalp in three steps:

  • Exfoliation
  • Deep Cleansing
  • Clarifying


Exfoliation is a process in which dead skin cells be removed from scalp to let it breathe and produce strong and healthy hair. Basically this is a kind of head massage that is done by either home made products or by exfoliating gels and hair products. Exfoliation removes all dead skin cells that become sticky with fungal elements at scalp and create a layer that closes hair pours and damage hair growth.

DIY Exfoliator for hair:

Exfoliators can be easily made at home to save huge amounts needed to buy healthy hair product for cleaning scalp. To make a DIY hair exfoliator you need:

2 table spoons of brown sugar

2 table spoons of oatmeal

2 table spoons of conditioner

How to apply?

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. While adding conditioner make sure that it should be of good quality and matches with your hair type.

Now wash your hair and scalp, as u normally do, to remove dirt or styling product.

Rinse water from your hair and apply DIY exfoliator on your fingertips. Place mixture at your scalp including hair roots.

Gently message your head in circular movements.

Continue massage for 20 minutes focusing areas where you feel dandruff exists most.

Wash with clean water without using shampoo or soap. You need to remove exfoliating mixture thoroughly.

Deep Cleansing:

After exfoliating, head gets free of hidden dirt, dead skin cells, dandruff and fungal particles. Now the next step is about scalp nourishment and complete removal of the elements that may cause dandruff and fungus again. Deep cleansing not only nourishes your scalp but also enhances its health, and boost hair growth. Deep cleansing is a gentle process in blood circulation that regulates to maximum and helps in opening closed hair pores and generates new hair producing cells.

DIY Deep Cleansing Formula:

At home you can make deep cleansing formula for your hair by mixing:

3 spoon olive oil

2 spoons sea salt

1 spoon lemon juice

How to apply?

Mix all the ingredients together.

You can use tea tree oil instead of olive oil if it is not available.

While exfoliation head scalp we do not go over hair, but in process of deep cleansing all mixture must be distributed among hair roots and hair strands equally.

Massage your head gently in a way that each and every hair gets an oil coat.

Leave the mixture on hair for at least 30 minutes.

Rinse hair with clean and fresh water.


Clarifying is the final step to get incredible hair that will look thicker shiny and healthy. In the process of clarifying all the substances that have been used, will be washed out completely without removing the essence of them.


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