Is Hair Transplant Painful?

Are you one of numerous individuals who experience the aftereffects of the hairlessness or baldness and have arrived at the conclusion that hair transplant surgery is your best option? Well, taking this decision will not make you feel embarrassed. But, a very common question patients usually have in their mind is whether hair transplant painful or not? After all, the scalp is a really delicate area on the head and the considered making cuts or having hair transplant can be scary. However, there is less to fear than you may might suspect.

A recent research shows that people usually compare a hair transplant surgery with a visit to the dentist. While not absolutely an agony free and comforting experience, majority have said the level of torment is similar. One of the more excruciating angles are the infusions done by a local anesthetic into the scalp before a hair transplant surgery is finished. To analyze the torment of this, imagine what it feels like to have a tooth pulled and the agony of the needle into your gums to desensitize the area.

Moreover, pretty much as with this dental similarity, after the desensitizing wears off, there is a lot of discomfort where the tooth was before. In hair transplant surgery, swelling and pain on your scalp area seems a common issue. There have been reports who say the torment of a hair transplant can’t really be contrasted with a tooth extraction as the hair transplant agony is less sharp and some have even guaranteed to not feel any torment by any means. In short, the advanced and latest hair transplant method, one can get his/her hair transplant without feeling much pain as compared to earlier times.

The last but not the least; hair transplantation becomes easy and less tormenting. However, there are still few doctors and organizations using the same old ways of surgeries that can make you feel stressed and agony. Therefore, whenever you decide to go for hair transplant; ask your surgeons which technique will be used by them. In latest hair transplant methods; FUT, FUE and PRP is on top.



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