Brief descriptions of the effectiveness of the hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant surgery is really about relocating (implanting) the bald resistant natural hair follicles from the back side of the patient’s head to the suspected balding parts on the top of the scalp.

But everyone asks about that, do hair transplant work? Eventually, yes, it is a successful way to restore the natural healthy hair. This procedure works for a whole lifetime because the natural hair follicles removed from the back side of the head are hereditarily resistant to the shedding and baldness, apart from where they are relocated to.

Earlier to the hair transplant surgery (this process is done under the safe amount of local anesthesia); the healthy hair in donor area of the patient’s scalp that will be surgically taken out with care and will be trimmed according to the patient’s hair texture and natural hairline.

No shaving or trimming of natural hair is needed in the top side of the recipient area. Small incisions are carefully made in the recipient bald areas in irregular or scattered patterns that imitate the natural growth pattern. The FU hair grafts will then be implanted carefully into these small incisions. The small hair graft incisions will heal rapidly, but it is essential that the surgeon will take care of all the safety measurements during the hair transplant surgery. The scabbing, itching and redness in the recipient area of the patient generally clears up within 7 days.
The majority of the patients is now preferred the ARTAS method just because of the little pain and discomfort, so try to avoid any hair transplant surgery, which left the big linear scars on the scalp. So, if you are thinking to have a hair transplant surgery, then forget all the negative questions like do hair transplants work or not because, at this time, this is the safest and effective treatment for the bald patients.


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