Why Flap hair technique is not considered in normal hair transplant procedure?

This is not a commonly used technique because in this method, a flap of hair bearing skin is shifted from the side of the head to the front hairline by cutting it on three sides, therefore it is not separate it from its blood supply or severing it completely from the scalp. The method is a very complicated surgery and it is only performed in a hospital. A flap of hair is one inch wide and about three to seven inches long in length. It has to be bent in order for the hair bearing side of the flap to end up facing outward from the scalp once it moved over and stitched into the surgically removed balding area of the patient. An unattractive “knot” will always form where the flap has to be twirled. A kind of flap recognized as the free-form flap and it is created when all four sides are cut and the flap is totally removed from the donor head region but, this flap is also very uncommon. This is not a method suggested for men/women with common androgenic alopecia and should be reserved for brutally blemished patients such as burn or accident victims.

One of the serious problems included in this method is a very valid chance of incomplete or complete death of the flap otherwise it will leave an awful scar. And the patient’s hair always grows in the opposite direction of a normal hairline because of the poor positioning of the flap on the scalp. So, if your hair transplant doctor suggests this method for common hair loss, change your doctor immediately.


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