7 things you going to learn when have hair transplant

Most people are going for a hair transplant in an effort to fight baldness. However, most people do not aware what it means to have a hair transplant. The following are the things you will learn once you have gone through the hair transplant:
1. People are not aware of what a hair transplant is
• There are misconceptions about hair transplant. Hair transplant is not the following:
• Shaving hair from a part of the head and gluing it to another part of the same head
• Taking hair from someone else and then gluing it on your scalp
• Removing hair from one part of your body and then attaching it to your head
Above are some of the misconceptions from most people on what a hair transplant is. The fact is that hair transplant is none of the above. What happens during a hair transplant is that the doctor plucks 8000 strands of hair from the back of your head, where it is thick, and then these are inserted towards the front of the scalp one-by-one as this is where you need the hair. The process is painful, bloody and takes about 20 hours.
2. Hair transplant works
Before you can go for the hair transplant, you might suspect that it will not work. If you have the right level of baldness and then you go to the right doctor, the results will look extraordinary. You only have to find a hair transplant surgeon with experience in doing hair transplant and you will have good results.
3. Hair transplant changes your life
For those with a bald head, you can tell how horrific it is for one to lose their hair. Some people will look good when they have shaved their head. However, for others, they will on look good when they have something on top. For the case of the latter, losing your hair can be much frustrating.
Losing your hair makes you vain. However, after going for a hair transplant, you will regain that self-esteem and confidence which you thought will never come back.
4. You will notice anyone who has done a hair transplant
If you have a red car, you will also notice anyone who passes nearby with a red car. This also applies to those who have done a hair transplant, as they will notice anyone else who has done the same.
5. You will not pull off any hairstyle
Note that after a hair transplant, you will have changed from with no-hair to have-some hair. After this, most people will want to show off that they have hair. This is dangerous. Having some hair which can be seen doesn’t make anyone a supermodel. A particular hairstyle may suit your friend, but it may not be the best for you. Be keen!
6. You will look years younger
Research has shown that the biggest factor in ageing men is hair loss. However, after a hair transplant, one looks younger. The higher the number of transplants you go for, the younger you will look. Doing it three times can make you look at least five years younger!
7. Strangers will not realize it
The hair transplant techniques have improved so much of late. The early hair transplants left most people with clumps dotted throughout the scalp. However, with the modern techniques, the hair transplant experts are able to blend the new hair with the old hair naturally in such a way that strangers will not notice it. If somebody was not close to you before the hair transplant, they will not realize that you went through one!


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