What Are the General Causes Hair Loss?

Hair Loss is one of the fastest growing problems that almost every third person in the world is suffering from. Some people suffer from little hair loss while some goes through excessive falling and become bald in some years. This problem is not confined to any city or country rather the whole world is affected by this. Now, People in very young age start losing hair and look older than their actual age.

There are various things that cause hair loss problem. Some are temporary and some become permanent. Below you can find a list of some general causes of hair loss from which hair loss patients suffer:


Stress is one of the biggest factors of hair loss. The more you take stress, the more there are chances of getting hair loss issues. The person can get rid of this problem by stopping taking stress if he is not predisposed to any genetic or Androgenic Alopecia.


Some medicines or drugs can also cause hair loss in a human. But this causes in quite few people and for temporary time period. The medicines which are used for depression, high blood pressure, stress, or heart problems contain some elements which can cause hair loss in some patients.


Alopecia is the most common type of hair loss in men and women both. This is caused by the immune system that reacts to hair follicles. It causes hair loss in a coin sized area mostly in men. It is also called Alopecia Areata when hair fall from a particular area of body and called Alopecia Totalis when hair fall from whole body. The patients will have to go for a hair transplant in the end.


Since hair growth depends upon hormones, their unnatural behavior can cause hair loss issues in men and women both.

Birth control pills

Women who take birth control pills also face hair loss side effects from them. If a girl takes birth control pills in her young age, she may suffer from Androgenic Alopecia.


Many women suffer from hair loss just after their pregnancy period. After two or three months, they receive many hair in their brushes that give a sign of excessive hair fall. This continues up to six months and stops afterwards. It happens with most of women because women go through hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Cancer treatments

The treatments which are done through radiation also cause hair loss in the patients. You must have seen cancer patients as bald because they go through chemotherapy and radiation treatment which cause hair loss in them. A cancer patient can lose up to 90% hair from his scalp. Anyhow, if the patients win the battle win cancer, his hair will start re-growing after the treatment.

Major surgery

If someone has gone through a major surgery, he may also notice hair falling from his scalp for up to 2 to 3 months. Hair stops falling when the patients completely overcomes from the effects of surgery and new hair start growing in his scalp.

So, make it possible to stay away from these issues which can make you a hair loss patient. Anyhow, if you already have got this problem, don’t hesitate to consult a nearby hair transplant consultant.


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