Some Primary Causes of Hair Loss


Hair loss is one of the common problems the world is suffering from. Whether men or women, everyone suffers from it and people try their best to strop their hair to fall. Today, almost every third person in this world is someway suffering from a hair problem. The majority of them is facing hair loss issues and there are various reasons or causes that result in hair loss issues. Some of the most common and primary causes are given below:

Hormonal Dysfunction

Since hair loss is not related to any cast, nation, culture, or country, it is considered as a universal problem. Dysfunction is one of the primary causes of hair loss. What happens is that people face hyperactive or less active thyroid gland that leads them to hair loss issues. Also, when androgen or estrogen face any imbalance, it also causes hair loss. For example, women come across hair loss problems during their pregnancy.


Some medicines also cause hair loss problems. Some medicines do the task for temporary basis while few leave impacts permanently. It happens that people start taking some particular medicines and their hair start falling. Well, when they leave themedicines, hair falling also stops. Medicines like steroids, birth control pills, blood thinners, gout medicines, interferon, and many others cause hair loss problem.

Improper Hair Care

The more you take care of a thing, the more it will remain safe with you. If you take care of your hair, they will remain with you for long. While if you don’t, you may come across certain hair loss issues. Improper hair care can cause different hair fall issues. Traction alopecia also occurs when you tie your wet hair with rollers.

Psychological Factors

There are diverse psychological factors which directly affect your hair. Stress is the most primary reason that people come across the sudden hair fall. There are various studies that people came across hair loss issues despite not having any medical reason and the actual reason was stress. The most common two hair loss types Telogen effluvium and Alopecia Aerate are caused by extreme stress.

Like Father, Like Son

You can become a prey of hair loss even without any medical or psychological problem. If your father has suffered from hair loss and has gone to baldness, there are chances that you will also face it. Anyhow, you can this transfer through proper hair care and following certain remedies. If nothing works for you, hair transplant should be the last option for you since hair is important for living a stylish life.


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