Are you losing your hair?


How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster


No doubt, long and shiny hair make your personality fascinating and appealing. However, the question is how one can make his/her hair grow faster and healthier? Well, this is quite simple! You just need to follow few simple tips.
Dry Scalp Massage
If you want to grow your hair faster and healthier, then give yourself a scalp massage. You don’t need to go to the saloon to get the massage. According to hair specialists, giving your scalp a massage every week plays a vital role to improve your hair growth. There are a number of oils available in the market, having herbal ingredients in them, so make your habit of doing scalp massage once in a week. Massaging your head will improve your blood flow as well as give nutrients to your hair follicles. Lastly, use your fingertips for the scalp massage.
Proper Hairstyling
It is very important to comb your hair properly. If your hair are wet, then comb them very gently. No doubt, ponytail looks amazing, especially if you have straight hair but prefer loose ponytail. Tight ponytail can become the reason of hair breakage. Moreover, avoid using rubber bands for your hair.
Vitamin 101
A recent study has shown that human hair needs vitamin to grow healthy and fast. Therefore, use of vitamins having antioxidants and Vitamin B play an essential role in your hair growth. Moreover, different supplements like Biotin and Viviscal is also good to increase the hair growth. In short, just like a human body; human hair also needs nutrients and vitamin to grow faster and healthier. In fact, always prefer to purchase the shampoo that contains green ingredients and vitamins in it for healthy and long hair.

7 Causes of Hair Loss in Women


A woman comes across with various changes in her life and some of the changes cause hair loss for her. Since being a woman you can’t even imagine having your hair lost, you must know the reasons which cause hair loss. Below you can find the top 7 reasons which cause hair loss in women.

Bad hair etiquette

Though you get a stylish look with the use of hairstyling tools, these tools can damage your hair badly. Whether curling iron, strengtheners, colors, gels, mousse, sprays, or any other tool, excessive use of any product can deliver a bad effect on your hair. Also, wrong combs and tight ponytails can make the situation worse for you.


When your diet causes low iron intake, you come across with anemia. When a woman comes across inadequate folic acid in her body, she becomes anemic. Due to this, the production of hemoglobin in her body becomes low and her organs start receiving low oxygen. In the end, your hair follicles start becoming weak because of lack of oxygen and your hair start falling.


When a woman comes to the age of Menopause that is 45 to 50, she also comes across with hair fall along with different other issues. At the time of Menopause, the estrogen hormone levels are lower in her body that make her hair dry. Dry hair is also one of the causes of hair fall. To deal with this matter, every woman of this age should use mild shampoos and conditioners to save her hair from becoming dry and dull.


During pregnancy, many women come across hair fall issues. It is because that the hormone estrogen goes to peak during the pregnancy and it affects women’s hair in a pretty bad manner. Anyhow, after the delivery, the growth of the hair returns to its normal position after some weeks.

Extreme weight loss

Extreme weight loss can also leave a bad effect on your hair. You shouldn’t strive to lose your weight quickly rather it should be a slow and gradual process. With a sudden weight loss, you may also lose the essential nutrients from your body and this thing can badly affect your body and hair both.


Excessive medications can leave their side-effects and can make you a victim of hair fall. Pills, therapies, and different medical sessions can become a cause of your hair fall.

Deficiency in Proteins

Hair on the human body is made up of a protein that is called “Keratin”. When women stop taking protein-rich foods, their hair start falling. You need to take some protein-rich foods daily so that you can keep your hair strong and beautiful.

Being a woman, you should take care of your hair as much as you can. It becomes next to impossible for a woman to live with no or less hair. Even if you happen to fail in keeping your hair strong and become a victim of hair fall, you should consult a hair transplant consultant to get your life back to your head.

Some Primary Causes of Hair Loss


Hair loss is one of the common problems the world is suffering from. Whether men or women, everyone suffers from it and people try their best to strop their hair to fall. Today, almost every third person in this world is someway suffering from a hair problem. The majority of them is facing hair loss issues and there are various reasons or causes that result in hair loss issues. Some of the most common and primary causes are given below:

Hormonal Dysfunction

Since hair loss is not related to any cast, nation, culture, or country, it is considered as a universal problem. Dysfunction is one of the primary causes of hair loss. What happens is that people face hyperactive or less active thyroid gland that leads them to hair loss issues. Also, when androgen or estrogen face any imbalance, it also causes hair loss. For example, women come across hair loss problems during their pregnancy.


Some medicines also cause hair loss problems. Some medicines do the task for temporary basis while few leave impacts permanently. It happens that people start taking some particular medicines and their hair start falling. Well, when they leave themedicines, hair falling also stops. Medicines like steroids, birth control pills, blood thinners, gout medicines, interferon, and many others cause hair loss problem.

Improper Hair Care

The more you take care of a thing, the more it will remain safe with you. If you take care of your hair, they will remain with you for long. While if you don’t, you may come across certain hair loss issues. Improper hair care can cause different hair fall issues. Traction alopecia also occurs when you tie your wet hair with rollers.

Psychological Factors

There are diverse psychological factors which directly affect your hair. Stress is the most primary reason that people come across the sudden hair fall. There are various studies that people came across hair loss issues despite not having any medical reason and the actual reason was stress. The most common two hair loss types Telogen effluvium and Alopecia Aerate are caused by extreme stress.

Like Father, Like Son

You can become a prey of hair loss even without any medical or psychological problem. If your father has suffered from hair loss and has gone to baldness, there are chances that you will also face it. Anyhow, you can this transfer through proper hair care and following certain remedies. If nothing works for you, hair transplant should be the last option for you since hair is important for living a stylish life.

Hair Transplant Tips for Men

Hair loss is a natural process that has affected people across the world. Since hairs are the beauty of a person, no one likes to have his scalp without hair. That’s why, a large number of people have started approaching hair transplant surgeons after latest advancement in this treatment.

Hair transplant treatment has gone to the next level and people have started to believe in this particular treatment for hair loss. Through hair surgery, people get their scalps covered with permanent hair and this is what they want. There are many worldly celebrities who have got hair transplant and they are successfully doing their work and living a more contended life.

If you have also got your hair transplanted or willing to do so, must read the following tips before you go. These tips are about what to do after hair transplant so that desired results could be achieved:

Take Care of Scars

No matter how experienced and skilled surgeons does your hair transplant, there will be some amount of scarring on your scalp after the surgery. You need to take care of these scars until they are gone completely. You can take medicines to reduce swelling until new follicles grow. Also, you must avid to itch your scalp in any case.

Avoid Physical Activity

Once you have gone from the transplant, you must not involve yourself in any physical activity for a month or until you are fully recovered. It is because that when you will involve in a physical exercise or any other activity, you will make yourself sweat and sweating can increase the risk of infection. You should also avoid the sunrays for some days after your surgery.

Avoid Spicy Foods

Spicy foods will surely interfere with the healing process if you eat them after your surgery. You should avoid taking spicy and heavy foods until you are fully recovered. As it is said that precaution is better than cure, you should also take care of yourself after the surgery so that you can get your desired results.

Keeps Your Scalp Clean

Keep your scalp as clean as you can keep after the transplant as the place on your scalp where the incision is done will make you feel soreness and a numb sensation. Do what your surgeon says and avoid any self-treatment. Try to keep yourself as busy as you can so that your attention may not go towards your scalp and the time of recovery could spend fast.

Consequently, you need to take extra care of yourself until you are fully recovered and these above post hair transplant tips are valuable and you can get your desired result by following them.