The Complete Guide to Hair Transplants and Alternatives

Hair transplants are rising above and it is involving many celebrities and young individuals. Above all, cutting out all the embarrassment, you need to accept the fact that you need treatment. However, if you’re still struggling with the concept, here is everything that you need to know before any final decision. Usually, your surgeon is supposed to guide you through this but you should have some prior information before any professional guidance (it has its own value).

Lately, so many advancements have been introduced in the industry that main surgeries FUE and FUT can be done with such perfection that nobody gets know that you were losing your hairs. We have already seen many celebrities going through the procedure breaking stereotypes and confessing it on the television. One should know the causes, how it will affect and what else you need to ask your surgeon. These are some of the important factors that you should know and your baldness can be cured through other alternatives or not. So, let’s go through the guidance of hair transplant. This guide will help you take the decision wisely, and not to rush into this without any knowledge.

Causes of Hair Loss

Males and females have different reasons for hair fall. Male baldness occurs in the result of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, attacking the hair follicles. This results in hairs to fall and get thinner by the time. It demands the treatment, especially if it starts at an early age (before 30).

Females tend to face different reasons for this including male baldness. They go through badness more than men and most likely due to the hormonal changes in the body. It has the same cures and surgeries to choose with a slight difference in the process.

Types of Hair Transplant Surgeries

There are two main types of hair transplant surgeries that are carried out all over the world. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular unit extraction (FUE). They both are similar in effects but there are certain differences when it comes to the procedure.

FUT is the kind of surgery where your hair transplant surgeon cuts away a strip of hairs then, these strips are divided into individual follicles and inserted in the scalp following the procedure of FUE.

FUE is the type where single hairs are separated from the donor area of scalp and then follicles are separately inserted into the cut area of the recipient. An expert will ensure that cut has a natural direction to provide space for hair growth. This is how the hairs grow steadily and naturally.

There are many other questions that are asked frequently by the people facing baldness and thinking to opt for hair transplant. Questions like the costar it permanent and most important side effects/risks. In a short description, you should know that this is not permanent but can last for a long time. As for the expense is concerned, you have to select the surgeon wisely and you will never feel it expensive solution for your baldness. There are side effects of the surgery but that all depends on your health condition, don’t forget to discuss your health precautions with your surgeon before carrying out the procedure. Little bit irritation and scratching are common but an expert will suggest you medication for that too.

Alternatives for Hair Transplant

Yes, there are also some alternatives not as effective as hair transplant but still have a powerful impact as the cure of baldness. The little you need to know about the possible alternatives is the list which is mentioned below:

  • Minoxidil
  • Finasteride
  • Hair loss shampoos
  • Hair loss supplements
  • ATP marking

However, if you are not satisfied with any of these solutions. You can still be cool as we all know some sexy men with baldness. Well, baldness doesn’t work quite well for women and they need to choose any of the procedures. These are not expensive nor dangerous in any way. So, don’t hesitate in consulting a surgeon for baldness. There is no shame in grooming or maintaining your personality and look hot in your 80’s too.


Do Hair Transplants Really Work & Last for long?

Most of the people fare nowadays facing the problem of hair loss and to resolve this issue they are looking for some fair solutions. Hair transplant surgery is one big solution that dates as far back to mid of 19th century. However, there are some big real misunderstanding regarding the hair transplant procedure itself and many are mistaken by this methods and believe that the new hair that grows after the procedure, is fake or it falls out soon.

Well, the truth is far beyond fake reality and disbelief. Bu here as well, the hair transplant is not a miracle cure for hair loss. In this blog, you are going to have some real-time information that may cover most of your intriguing questions regarding hair transplant.

Do Hair Transplants Really Work?

Most obviously the people who dare to take out enough money from their budgets are those keen individuals that actually feel interested in grooming their personality and they would like to know more about the producers they are going to endure for hair restoration. A good hair transplant will look completely natural and it involves the growth of hair as done naturally. This type of hair transplant also lasts a lifetime. Here it is necessary to mention that the hair transplant effectiveness is based on certain key factors that vary from individual to individual and surgeon to surgeon such as:

  • A medical condition of the patient
  • Past history of any disease (skin or internal)
  • Budget constraints
  • Method of hair transplant chosen
  • Technique and equipment used in hair transplantation
  • Medication during and after hair transplant
  • Proper diet plan during and after hair transplant
  • Levels of stress endured by the patient during and after hair transplant
  • The success rate of a surgeon for hair transplant should be 95%

If hair transplant gives you youth it also gives you a self-esteem lifestyle but it should be made clear that the hair transplant involves much care, guidance, and effort for lifelong effects. Some maintenance visits are to be made as told by your surgeon after you are done with your hair transplant. No negligence can be borne in this. Use of medicated shampoos, oils, and less or no use of hair care products are also vital in sustaining the hair for a longer period of time after a hair transplant.

Younger males are found to be more responsive to permanent solutions of hair transplant than elderly individuals. As it is a natural phenomenon that aging shrinks the chances of development and growth and such males who undergo hair transplant after 55 years of age find it difficult to achieve long-lasting effects of hair transplant. However, those males who undergo the same process after 30 years of never complain of baldness after the hair transplant.

Therefore, take lead and step towards improvement at the right time with the right hair transplant clinics!

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster


No doubt, long and shiny hair make your personality fascinating and appealing. However, the question is how one can make his/her hair grow faster and healthier? Well, this is quite simple! You just need to follow few simple tips.
Dry Scalp Massage
If you want to grow your hair faster and healthier, then give yourself a scalp massage. You don’t need to go to the saloon to get the massage. According to hair specialists, giving your scalp a massage every week plays a vital role to improve your hair growth. There are a number of oils available in the market, having herbal ingredients in them, so make your habit of doing scalp massage once in a week. Massaging your head will improve your blood flow as well as give nutrients to your hair follicles. Lastly, use your fingertips for the scalp massage.
Proper Hairstyling
It is very important to comb your hair properly. If your hair are wet, then comb them very gently. No doubt, ponytail looks amazing, especially if you have straight hair but prefer loose ponytail. Tight ponytail can become the reason of hair breakage. Moreover, avoid using rubber bands for your hair.
Vitamin 101
A recent study has shown that human hair needs vitamin to grow healthy and fast. Therefore, use of vitamins having antioxidants and Vitamin B play an essential role in your hair growth. Moreover, different supplements like Biotin and Viviscal is also good to increase the hair growth. In short, just like a human body; human hair also needs nutrients and vitamin to grow faster and healthier. In fact, always prefer to purchase the shampoo that contains green ingredients and vitamins in it for healthy and long hair.

Idealistic Tips for Long and Beautiful Hairs

Every woman desires to have long and healthy hairs. No doubt, hairs are one of the important and prominent features of our personality. Especially, when it comes to ladies, beautiful and long hair plays a vital role in making their entire appearance appealing and charismatic. In case, you already have beautiful hair then it is very important to keep them healthy by taking proper care. Some women have beautiful hairs by birth, but still they should be cognizant when it comes to their proper care and maintenance. Hairs are essential extension of your epidermis that is the outer layer of your skin. They are basically composed of protein. However, polluted atmosphere and our hectic routine becomes the major reason of dull and weak hairs. Therefore, below are some of the simple tips for long, beautiful and healthy hair.

Hair Cleaning is Essential

Cleaning your hair in a proper way is the first and foremost step to get long, healthy and beautiful hairs. To maintain the health and length of your hairs, it would be great to wash them at least thrice a week. The main reason behind the hair fall and dandruff is that we don’t clean our hairs properly. For this, you should use mild shampoo and conditioner for your hairs. Avoid washing your hairs with harsh shampoo or soap, as it can damage your hairs and will become the reason of hair loss and dandruff later on. Moreover, if you have split end then get your hair trimmed. Split ends affects the hair growth and length badly.

Hair Massage is Effective

Oil massage of the scalp plays an effective role in making your hair long, strong and beautiful. Hair and the scalp should be massaged properly twice a week, if you really want to get shiny gorgeous hairs. What you need to do is to apply oil in your hairs properly half an hour before shower. Hair massage prevents hair loss, dandruff and dullness. In addition, your hair will appear moisturized and soft after shower. You can use olive or coconut oil for better and instant results.

Hair Steaming plays the vital role

Steaming hairs is another important part of hair care. It is quite helpful to get long, strong and gorgeous hairs. What actually you need to do is to take a clean towel and dip it in hot water for maximum 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, wrap that hot towel around your head for ten minutes. Hair steaming should be done at least twice in a week for shinny and beautiful hairs. In short, it is one of the easiest and best ways to open and clean the pores of hair scalp without wasting your money on saloons and expensive hair products. It also improves the hair growth.

Hairs need Vitamins, Protein and Calcium

In order to get long, healthy and beautiful hairs, you also need to improve your diet. Its the big and basic hair loss cause. In short, add nutritional supplements in your diet for good health and beautiful hairs. Human hairs required Vitamin B, Calcium and proteins for healthy growth. For this purpose, you should have fish and eggs in your diet. Fresh vegetables and fruits are another great source of providing vitamins and calcium to your hairs to make them beautiful, long and strong.

Better to Avoid tight hair ties

Another tip that should be implemented in order to get long, healthy and beautiful hairs is that avoid tight hair ties. Tight hair ties increases friction that can cause breakage. Therefore, tie your hair gently to avoid hair breakage.

Use Cold Water for Hairs

For healthy, long and gorgeous hairs, always wash your hairs with cold water. Avoid using hot water while washing your hairs. Hot water makes your hairs weak, dull and dry. However, in winter season, you can use lukewarm water to wash your hairs, but remember say no to hot water. Last but not the least; ladies time to follow above tips to get healthy, shiny and beautiful hairs.

Abhijeet Bhattacharya

Abhijeet Bhattacharya is an important asset of the Bollywood, India. He is so ranked personality of the Bollywood; his marvelous efforts are so admirable in the field of singing and music. He has gift of the gab in his voice due to his melodious and warble like voice he has become so popular in India.

Abhijeet was born in the middle class family in Kanpur his whole family is so well educated and professionals in the musical field. That’s why, under this sophisticated ambience, he inspired by his ancestors and opted for the singing. His parents were sulky for Abhijeet’s urge to join this field. But the strong passion for this has done cast a spell on his parents. Abhijeet has no financial problems because all the rest of his family members are professionals and support him with respect to every aspects of life. At the early stage of his career, there are myriad sorts of hindrances undergone in his way one of them his parents’ resistance against his will.

He was the youngest of four siblings and they covet for making him a professional in the field of Accountancy. For this purpose, he came in Mumbai in 1981, and got admission in a prestigious institute of Chartered of Accountancy. Owing to extreme lunacy in the field of singing and music he decided to indulge himself in it rather than study of Accountancy.Abhijeet-slide.jpg

During his career, he received so many rewards when the songs of Baaghi of Anand Milind, Ek chanchal shokh hasina, Chandni raat hai and Har kasam badi hai become super hits.

Abhijeet Bhattacharya is so vexed about his hair loss malady. He tried to turn every stone to get rid of from this severe enigma but in commas. Eventually, he got some utilitarian news from his fellows about the complete cure for this malady. He listened about the most popular clinic hub ILHT. He consulted with Dr. Sajad Khan who is so seasoned personality regarding hair transplant surgery and received satisfactory answers about the hair loss treatment. He made himself ready for the hair transplant surgery from Dr. Sajad Khan hair transplnat surgeon at ILHT and now he is totally recovered from this malady. Now he is feeling so good and in full of blithe.

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