Idealistic Tips for Long and Beautiful Hairs

Every woman desires to have long and healthy hairs. No doubt, hairs are one of the important and prominent features of our personality. Especially, when it comes to ladies, beautiful and long hair plays a vital role in making their entire appearance appealing and charismatic. In case, you already have beautiful hair then it is very important to keep them healthy by taking proper care. Some women have beautiful hairs by birth, but still they should be cognizant when it comes to their proper care and maintenance. Hairs are essential extension of your epidermis that is the outer layer of your skin. They are basically composed of protein. However, polluted atmosphere and our hectic routine becomes the major reason of dull and weak hairs. Therefore, below are some of the simple tips for long, beautiful and healthy hair.

Hair Cleaning is Essential

Cleaning your hair in a proper way is the first and foremost step to get long, healthy and beautiful hairs. To maintain the health and length of your hairs, it would be great to wash them at least thrice a week. The main reason behind the hair fall and dandruff is that we don’t clean our hairs properly. For this, you should use mild shampoo and conditioner for your hairs. Avoid washing your hairs with harsh shampoo or soap, as it can damage your hairs and will become the reason of hair loss and dandruff later on. Moreover, if you have split end then get your hair trimmed. Split ends affects the hair growth and length badly.

Hair Massage is Effective

Oil massage of the scalp plays an effective role in making your hair long, strong and beautiful. Hair and the scalp should be massaged properly twice a week, if you really want to get shiny gorgeous hairs. What you need to do is to apply oil in your hairs properly half an hour before shower. Hair massage prevents hair loss, dandruff and dullness. In addition, your hair will appear moisturized and soft after shower. You can use olive or coconut oil for better and instant results.

Hair Steaming plays the vital role

Steaming hairs is another important part of hair care. It is quite helpful to get long, strong and gorgeous hairs. What actually you need to do is to take a clean towel and dip it in hot water for maximum 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, wrap that hot towel around your head for ten minutes. Hair steaming should be done at least twice in a week for shinny and beautiful hairs. In short, it is one of the easiest and best ways to open and clean the pores of hair scalp without wasting your money on saloons and expensive hair products. It also improves the hair growth.

Hairs need Vitamins, Protein and Calcium

In order to get long, healthy and beautiful hairs, you also need to improve your diet. Its the big and basic hair loss cause. In short, add nutritional supplements in your diet for good health and beautiful hairs. Human hairs required Vitamin B, Calcium and proteins for healthy growth. For this purpose, you should have fish and eggs in your diet. Fresh vegetables and fruits are another great source of providing vitamins and calcium to your hairs to make them beautiful, long and strong.

Better to Avoid tight hair ties

Another tip that should be implemented in order to get long, healthy and beautiful hairs is that avoid tight hair ties. Tight hair ties increases friction that can cause breakage. Therefore, tie your hair gently to avoid hair breakage.

Use Cold Water for Hairs

For healthy, long and gorgeous hairs, always wash your hairs with cold water. Avoid using hot water while washing your hairs. Hot water makes your hairs weak, dull and dry. However, in winter season, you can use lukewarm water to wash your hairs, but remember say no to hot water. Last but not the least; ladies time to follow above tips to get healthy, shiny and beautiful hairs.


Side effects of Hair Transplant You should be Aware of

In contemporary world, hair transplant becomes a way to fight against baldness. Individuals are no more perplexed of exploring different avenues regarding this technique for recapturing hair. The methodology of counterfeit hair transplantation is in vogue these days for expanding propensity of baldness in both male and females. However, there are some inescapable dangers connected with this surgical technique that may irritate one. To maintain a strategic distance from such symptoms, one ought to dependably counsel trustworthy and reputable experts who are experienced on hair transplant strategies.

Top Side Effects of Hair Transplant

The reactions of hair transplant differ from men to men. While some may encounter some unusual issue with the grafting, another may simply appreciate the advantages and great looks of such prosthetics. Here are some usually discovered side effects that have been experienced numerous individuals everywhere throughout the world.

Infections and Haemorrhage

Haemorrhage is a typical kind of symptom of the grafting strategy. This is essentially a quick reaction that is seen amid or soon after the strategy. The haemorrhage usually causes because of inexperience working on scalp. It can be evaded, if the patient counsels an accomplished restorative specialist of notoriety. The trepidation of disease is connected with a wide range of surgeries. Utilization of dishonorable and unhygienic instruments regularly prompts such probabilities. This is again a chance that happens when the surgery is attempted in an unclean spot.

Temporary diminishing of hair

Temporary lessening of hair loss is also called shedding. This happens due the poor structure hair transplantation. In some cases, not all hairs are transplanted effectively. These hairs regularly culled off from the roots. While some may encounter diminishing of the hair, others may whine of incomplete baldness. A person who lose 50 to 90 hairs per day, it is known as shedding. Shedding additionally causes because of dishonorable kind of joining done by unpracticed hands.


Itching is again a typical symptom frequently experienced by the patients as a hair transplantation reaction. This reaction may get to be extreme some times when not tended to legitimately. The itching usually happens because of scab development. Thousands or more scabs may frame directly after the uniting strategy. Once in a while, the scabs come to fruition after some season of the surgery. The tingling may go under control in the wake of shampooing, when at essential stage. In any case, one needs to counsel a dermatologist or the corrective specialist instantly when the issue heightens past resilience. Uncommon sort of saturating oil is additionally accessible to battle against this itching issue.


Scarring normally happens with patients who have done strip estates. It is seen that a few patients create hereditary inclinations towards amazing scarring. The keloid scar may be revolting here and there, particularly when the haircut is short. Individuals produce scars frequently from past transplantation techniques too.


Cysts normally occur when the hair follicle harm and push more profound the skin layer. They are mostly pimple size bumps that are predominantly generous in character. In any case, cysts are never safe. One ought to see a specialist without postponing while having such a symptom.


Hiccoughs are regularly normal involvement with the patients of hair transplant. The degree of inconvenience may fluctuate starting with one individual then onto the next. Counseling with a specialist may sooth this inconvenience.


A large number of the patients with terrible skin tone frequently encounter swelling of scalp. The swelling might be carried under control with master obstruction. The swelling may once in a while spread into the eyes and brow when gets to be not kidding.


Draining is an uncommon chance in hair transplant, however some individuals may encounter so because of over the top weight on scalp.


In spite of the fact that little torment is included in hair transplant, a few patients may encounter the same. It is an impermanent symptom and decreases with passing time.


Deadness may start after few weeks of hair transplantation. If it doesn’t lessen after such a period, one should talk to a specialist without deferring. These are the most widely recognized hair transplantation reactions faced by individuals.


Can Hair Transplant bring positive change in terms of confidence and physical appearance?

Hair contributes in making one’s personality and building up the confidence but excessive hair loss and baldness is the cause of decline in confidence and morale in both male and female. Balding makes you look more than your age and impacts the personality and confidence manifolds. No matter what is the reason behind your hair loss problem, it tends to upset your physical appearance as well as disturbs you psychologically. Facing the mirror with increasing baldness does not only ruin you physically or emotionally but this frustration also causes the decrease in self confidence. And you end up avoiding the people and become anti-socialize and confine yourself to your room. Wearing wigs, caps or using temporary solutions for hair restoration is nothing but waste of time and money. When temporary solutions don’t work, the situation tends to get worse as we intimately understand how hair loss has a tremendous psychological impact on our lives.
A noteworthy solution lies in hair restoration to regain your confidence along with your crowning glory full of lustrous hair. Hair transplant is the only proven and permanent solution to overcome baldness. It would not be wrong to consider hair transplant as ‘life changer’. It does not only help individuals to regain sense of youthfulness but also boosts self confidence. It has been changing the lives of people by bringing positivity in terms of younger looking appearance and self confidence. With this minimal invasive surgical method, restoration of natural hair is guaranteed. True essence of hair transplant is naturalness. Once you have transplanted your hair, it is impossible to distinguish that you have undergone any surgery. Even your hair stylist cannot detect.
By using standardized techniques, modern equipment and the assistance of qualified and experienced professionals, hair transplant ensures natural consequences. Once your hair starts to grow, they will never fall out. Hair transplant surely eradicates low esteem sensibility by giving your absolutely natural outcomes. After experiencing hair transplantation surgery, one does not have to be afraid of facing the mirror. It can provide a permanent boost to your confidence by providing you more attractive look and self esteem. Never let your hair loss or baldness lower your confidence level when a permanent solution is available for you. Elevate your self-esteem by restoring your hair permanently by undergoing hair transplant surgery. You will be more than happy to see your head full of lustrous hair.

Testosterone Hormone Replacement method cause the hair loss issue after hair transplant surgery?

Keep this thing in mind that the implanted hair follicles should not be negatively affected by the therapy, so don’t worry about the negative impacts after the THR therapy. You can have this therapy after the hair transplantation surgery. The implanted hair follicles are highly opposed to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone, this DHT is liable for the male pattern condition of hair loss issue, but it should not influence on the hair if the sensible amount of testosterone increases.

The second most important thing is that the natural hair follicles are highly susceptible to DHT hormones; it means the non-transplanted hair follicles could possibly shed more hair with the increased testosterone hormone levels. But, it is not necessary because this unpleasant condition depends upon person’s history and genetic changes.

If you suffer the intense hair loss issue, then there are numerous high-quality hair loss medications that have been proven its effectiveness and should completely protect your natural hair against this shedding trouble, and enhances in testosterone level won’t necessarily cause severe hair loss. The most authentic and reliable medicine that can be effective in this condition is finasteride.

The next option would be minoxidil, however, this drug doesn’t have high hormone blocking result, but it will possibly decrease the shedding rate. Now many patients ask that HRT supposedly increase loss of hormone-susceptible natural hair follicles? So, the answer is that it isn’t been proven yet, but it could be possible. The majority of the hair specialist and surgeons would probably suggest high-quality medicines like finasteride and minoxidil for protecting against the higher hormone levels. You can ask your doctor that is hair transplant permanent after testosterone hormonal replacement therapy. He can explain you better with the examples.

How to cure the low stage or severe hair loss problem?

The thick hair are the beauty of personality and that’s why everyone wants a healthy and nourishing hair. Intense hair loss phase is a depressive skin condition, but it is not a contagious disease. The hair loss dilemma can be mild or intense, in the intense stage; this problem affects the scalp and other parts of the body hair, which turns into the full loss of the natural hair. The most ordinary reasons of this problem are pregnancy, which inhibits the growth of natural hair for one to four months; even most of the females suffer this problem after the delivery. There are so many other causes like drug, stress, personal issues, eating disorder and poor nutrition, which can be a reason of intense hair loss. With most of these symptoms, hair loss is short-term and can be treated.

How hair loss problem can be treated?

Every researcher has their own perceptions on how to cure hair loss. The success of healing management treatments totally depends on the individual willpower and capacity, but if the patient gets the right remedy, so there is a 100% chance for regrowth of natural hair. The important thing is that the sooner you observe hair loss, immediately seek guidance from a good dermatologist, who will further refer you to a hair specialist. He can give you the best conventional hair loss treatments with excellent complementary drugs.

In some exceptional cases, when patients suffer from intense hair loss trouble, so keep this thing in mind that there is no effective treatment except hair restoration surgical method. However, it is quite expensive; so many people think that do hair transplants work as a cure of intense hair loss problem. After so many research and studies, it has been confirmed that it works. But, it is better to contact only a professional qualified hair transplant surgeon.

Why spironolactone medication is not commonly recommended to the hair loss patients beside hair transplant surgery?

In the hair loss drug category, the Spironolactone is a hard and strong medication and due to its complex chemical composition, it is not commonly suggested to the male hair loss patients by the hair transplant surgeon. The two main reasons are given below:

1). The drug’s basic properties as a diuretic (“water pill”) medicine. The Spironolactone (Aldactone) drug causes major reductions in human blood pressure, low level of glucose, high potassium levels (hyperkalemia) and dehydration issues. It is not for low blood pressure patient. For all those patients, who don’t want to lower the blood pressure rte or any significant reduction in the body fluid, don’t use this pill because it has these major negative adverse effects. These adverse effects are lessened only when start to use any good-quality topical treatment after surgery. However, try to discuss with your doctor, when he is prescribing you hair growth drugs after hair transplantation.

2). The second main reason is that the Spironolactone drug has anti-androgen properties. This drug may halt the severe androgenic alopecia progression at the scalp, but at the same time it also obstructs the natural androgen hormone activity in all over the body in male. This means that the drug will halt the hair loss process and possibly reverse the natural hair, but it may also reason of develop some other “feminizing” effects in male patients like fat re-distribution, loss of body hair, and breast development. So that it is not for male patients. Try to use only those medicines, which has been proven it’s affectivity through clinical tests.